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Work environment and equality

The employer must conduct systematic work on planning, leading and following up its activities in a manner that fulfils the requirements for a good work environment.

Your responsibilities

As a staff member, you are responsible for helping create a good work environment by:

  • following regulations
  • participating when actions are implemented
  • using protective devices and personal protective equipment
  • informing the employer or health and safety representative if you discover something hazardous in the work environment.

Health and safety representative

Chief health and safety representative: Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro
Deputy health and safety representative: Helena Korkeamäki

You can also talk to your local health and safety representative. Contact your manager or HR generalist for more information.

Health, Safety and Equality Committee (AMK)

The university has a Health, Safety and Equality Committee that has regular meetings and is responsible for following up university-wide objectives for the work environment.

Victimisation, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment

Victimisation, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment are not tolerated at Södertörn University. The university must take action as soon as there is awareness that someone is experiencing/has experienced this.

If you feel that you have experienced victimisation, discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment, you should report this to your manager or to Human Resources. You can also talk to your union representative External link. External link.or your health and safety representative.

You can read more about discrimination, harassment and victimisation here:


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