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Friskvård, träning

Preventive healthcare

If you are employed at least 50% of full time, you are entitled to one hour of preventive healthcare per week when your duties permit this. All employees are offered a preventive healthcare reimbursement of up to SEK 1,500 per year.

Reimbursement for preventive healthcare

Reimbursement for preventive healthcare follows the calendar year. If you are not employed for the entire year, you are reimbursed in proportion to your months of employment.
An application for reimbursement for the current year must be received by HR by 7 December.

To apply for a reimbursement for preventive healthcare:

Submit the original receipt for your activity and the "Ansökan om friskvårdsbidrag" form (see below). Internal: Lön, HR-avd, MA plan 8. External: Södertörns högskola, Lön HR-avd, MA plan 8, 141 89 Huddinge.

NB! The receipt must clearly state the type of preventive healthcare and the person who received it.


The university has a gym on level 1of the MD building. It is available to all staff (NB! Staff only). It is open 06.00–22.00 every day all year and is free of charge. Use stairwell 3.


If you have questions or opinions about the gym, please email

Massage chair

The university has a massage chair that you can use free of charge. It is in room MC 338 and can be booked via Outlook Mon–Fri 07.00–19.00, for a maximum of 60 minutes per booking.
NB! No drop-in times.

How to book the massage chair:
Go to your Outlook calendar. Click on the time you want to book.
Click "Invite attendee" and type "Massagestolen"

You will receive a booking confirmation with a code for the door.

There is a manual beside the chair.

Remember to press the "padlock" on the door handle when you leave the room (so unauthorised persons cannot enter).

Quiet rooms

The university has two quiet rooms for employees. They are on ME1 and the PD corridor and are accessible every day.

You can use a quiet room if you feel ill, have a headache or need to have a private conversation.

If you find something broken or missing from the room, please contact Infocenter via




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