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Benefits and housing

As an employee of Södertörn University you can access a number of benefits, such as computer glasses, reimbursement for preventive healthcare, reimbursement for medication, etc.

Medical benefits

You can visit the doctor, occupational health services, outpatient care or maternity clinics (when pregnant and not pregnant, future parent) as well as give blood during paid working hours. This also applies to emergency dental treatment and examinations to which you have been referred by a dentist or a doctor.
You can also receive some remuneration for medical costs and prescribed medicines.

Remuneration for medical costs

You may receive remuneration from the university for some medical costs.

Doctors, dentists and psychologists

You can be remunerated SEK 95 per visit for doctor’s appointments, dentistry in the form of oral surgery, and treatment by a psychologist.


You can be remunerated a maximum of SEK 55 for physiotherapy provided by an authorised physiotherapist.

Hospital care

You can be remunerated a maximum of SEK 70 per day.

Medical care while working abroad

If you need urgent medical care while working abroad, the employer will remunerate reasonable, where possible documented, costs for medical care, dental care and medicines.

This is what you should do:

Attach your original receipts to a piece of A4 paper and send them in the internal post to Lön, HR-avdelningen, MA 8.
If you have any questions, please contact your HR generalist or

Remuneration for medicines

You can be remunerated for medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor.(Preventive medicine, such as vaccines, are not remunerated.)

This is what you should do:

Order a register extract (registerutdrag) from for received medicines. Print it out and send it to HR, MA level 8.

NB! Remuneration is only paid out once each year, so do not submit the extract until the end of the year, or at the latest in the January of the following year.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR generalist or

Accommodation for researchers and doctoral students

You can find accommodation in direct vicinity to Södertörn University by visiting the web page Accommodation for researchers and doctoral students External link, opens in new window..

Remote working

If you have tasks that can be conducted remotely, you may be offered remote work. Your line manager assesses the extent to which this is appropriate and which tasks can be conducted remotely.

Preventive healthcare

The university has a gym that is free for staff. You can use one hour each week for preventive healthcare when work allows this, and you can apply for SEK 1,500 as remuneration for preventive healthcare costs.


You are entitled to take leave for studies or for a trial period at another government employer.

Technical and administrative staff have flexible working hours and the free time given for “bridging days” is worked over the year.

Computer glasses

If you work at a screen for more than one hour each day, you are entitled to an eye examination paid for by the university. If this shows that you need glasses for working at the computer (and you cannot use your ordinary glasses) the university will pay for computer glasses for you.

Prior to your eye examination you need a purchase order that has been approved by your manager. Contact your manager or HR generalist for more information.


As a government employee, the employer pays money into your occupational pension every month. This is in addition to your public pension from the state.


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