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Tyst läsesal där studenter sitter och studerar

Ladok can compile student results and notes in one place

When information is kept in different places, such as in LMSs, Excel files, or handwritten paper on a desk, it is difficult to get an overview. The aim of the new function, Results to Ladok is that the university will be able to compile documentation about the students’ grades and results in the same place.

Dator och mobil

Your picture and profile on the web

The university’s staff cards have brief information about your position as an employee. This is available to visitors to, and to colleagues who are logged in to the employee web. As a researcher, you can order a researcher profile via the employee web.

Södertörn University’s actions due to the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine affects university activities and the university’s crisis management group has therefore been activated.

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