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Ladok can compile student results and notes in one place

Tyst läsesal där studenter sitter och studerar

Learning management systems (LMSs) come and go, but Ladok remains.

When information is kept in different places, such as in LMSs, Excel files, or handwritten paper on a desk, it is difficult to get an overview. The aim of the new function, Results to Ladok is that the university will be able to compile documentation about the students’ grades and results in the same place.

Preserving results and notes from SH-StudyWeb

When our LMS changed in 2022, many users found that important information about student attendance, make-up assignments and evaluations were only stored in the LMS that they would soon stop using. This led to requests for a tool that would facilitate moving documentation from the LMS to a more permanent platform.

The solution is for documentation to be preserved as Results Annotations in Ladok.

“This is a of way ensuring that results and notes linked to grades are saved in a future-proof, secure and compiled manner,” says project manager Lena Sköld. “If teachers choose to transfer results and documentation, such as attendance, the need for documentation in two places will be reduced. However, the burden of documentation has not been the primary focus of the project – as that has been compiling everything in the same place. Reducing the amount of documentation is a bonus.”

The Results to Ladok tool

To make it easier to fill in results annotations, we have introduced the Results to Ladok tool, which copies assessments/grades/notes from Grades in SH-StudyWeb to Results Annotations in Ladok using just a few keystrokes.

“We have had a handful of courses as pilots in the project, and have now developed a working method based on the feedback we’ve received,” says Lena Sköld.

Teachers can also keep a register of compulsory elements via Assignments in SH-StudyWeb. The benefit of documenting attendance in SH-StudyWeb is that students have insight and can quickly find out whether they have missed any compulsory elements that need to be compensated for. Because attendance is documented in SH-StudyWeb is can easily be transferred to Ladok’s Results Annotations.

Using Results to Ladok means that not all teachers on a course need to enter results in Ladok. They can concentrate on teaching, and creating and evaluating assignments in SH-StudyWeb. When it is time to report results in Ladok, one person – such as the course coordinator – can transfer all the course results to Ladok with just a few keystrokes.

Results to Ladok has been implemented – you can start when you want

There are a few things you need to know about before starting to use Results to Ladok:

Want to get started?

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