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Plan and prepare projects

What should you think about before starting a research project? On this page you will find information that can be helpful before the application and in the start-up of your project.

When you do research, you must ensure that your project is conducted in accordance with good research practice. You are required to follow a number of regulations and before you begin your research, you need the necessary permits and approvals. You will find more information on the page for legal and ethical issues.

Do you need to write a data management plan?

Those of you who are planning, or have been granted funds for, a research project where data collection is included probably need to write a data management plan. The major Swedish and European research funders require a data management plan for projects where data is collected. Regardless of external requirements, it is strongly recommended to write a data management plan, as it helps the project manage its data in a safe, structured, and predictable manner. If you are unsure about whether you are handling research data in your project, you can read more about what research data is below.

If your project is going to collect data, look at the template for the data management plan (see the link below) and contact the data management support already in the planning phase of the project, or otherwise as soon as possible. We at the data management support will then schedule a meeting with you where we go through the questions in the template and your proposed answers together. Before the meeting, you should therefore fill in the data management plan template to the best of your ability. The data management plan should then be viewed as a living document, that can be updated as the project progresses.

Contact the data management support:

Are you handling research data?

Research data is empirical information collected during a research project with the aim of answering a research question and forms the basis for the scientific analyses and conclusions produced in the project. In addition to various types of measurement data from natural science research areas, research data can consist of, for example, recorded interviews, systematic compilations from archives or other text sources, and observations captured in images or videos. Systematic information about physical objects, such as artworks or archaeological collections, is also considered research data. Read more about handling research data here External link, opens in new window..

Prior to submitting an external grant proposal, the researcher must contact the Registrar’s Office to request a registration number. In most cases, the same registration number is used for the awarded grant. The number then follows the research project until the project comes to.

In order for the registrar to be able to upload a record number for you, they need:

  • Project name
  • Name of the funding body
  • Name of project leader
  • If it is a cooperation project between Södertörn University and other higher education institutions, in which case which higher education institution.

Once the Central records Office receives the above information, they will establish a registration number for you.

For more information on what should be recorded, see How to document, register and archive.

If you are a researcher at Södertörn University or Swedish Red Cross University you can book the library’s support for researchers.

Book an appointment to get help with:

  • Literature search – we will guide you in how to search for research within a subject area in different databases.
  • Search consultations – we will do the literature search for you before, for example, writing a literature review or mapping a research field
  • Stay current with new research – create an alert for scholarly material within a subject area.
  • Reference management – simplify the writing of references with EndNote or Zotero.

Contact to book an appointment.
We help individual researchers as well as groups.


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