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Support for researchers

Södertörn University offers supports to researchers, on these pages you can read more about what kind of help you can receive.

  • Plan and prepare projects

    What should you think about before starting a research project? On this page you will find information that can be helpful before the application and in the start-up of your project.

  • Application support

    Here you can find information about rules and practical support that can be helpful for researchers in applications to national and international funders.

  • During your project

    Learn more about managing your project, research ethics, publishing and research impact.

  • Legal and ethical issues

    This page provides information about research ethics and GDPR for researchers.

  • Research funding agreements

    This page provides information about agreements for research funding

  • Collaboration and utilisation

    Researchers who collaborate with non-academic actors often find that it helps them improve the quality of their research, develop new projects, and make sure that their findings find use outside the university.

  • Publishing agreements for Open Access

    Here you will find which agreements Södertörn University participates in, where the publication fee for Open Access, ie APC (article processing charges) is either completely included or is reduced.