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What does the university’s change of telephony entail for me?

The university will switch its telephony provider from Telia to Telenor on Thursday 29 June 2023. This means that desk telephones will be removed and be replaced by a computer client – a telephone in your computer. The computer client is called Telenor One X and will be installed on all staff computers.

Telenor One X will install automatically on university-administered computers (PC and Mac). You can log in for the first time after we have changed operators. Staff who have privately administered computers can download the software from Telenor’s website. Your telephone number will remain the same.

“Despite the university being relatively young, we have seen fairly significant changes in technology, and now it’s time for telephony,” says Veronica Waldemarson, deputy director of Campus and ICT Services. “Physical phones are being replaced by computer software, so please contact your line manager if you need a physical telephone because of your work environment.”

If you have a desk phone

On Monday 19 June 2023, all staff received an email with information about how to log in to Telenor One X. This message included your password.

For incoming and outgoing calls you can use the same headset or speaker you use for online meetings. If you need a headset and do not already have one, order one using the form “Collect IT equipment in Infocenter” below “My page” on the employee web.

If you have a university mobile phone

If you have a mobile phone from university, you keep the same phone number. The only change is that you will need a new SIM card (a physical SIM card or eSIM). The new SIM cards were distributed to post boxes/pigeonholes in mid-June.

Mobile phone users can also use the Telenor One X computer client, on both the computer and on the mobile phone.

I am on holiday on 29 June – what do I do?

On Monday 19 June, all staff received an email with information about how to login and use the Telenor One X computer client. It does not matter if you are on leave on 29 June, just log in when you are back at work.

If you have a mobile phone – switch the SIM card on 29 June or when you are back from holiday.

More information

You can read more about the change of telephony operator below IT support and telephony External link.. The webpage also has a questions and answers about the new telephony system, and Telenor has some information in English. You can also choose whether you want to set your language to Swedish or English in Telenor One X’s settings (inställningar).


You are welcome to if you want help with the Telenor One X computer client, for example with logging in or getting a short introduction.

You can also book a time with the university’s digital coach who will help you with questions about the university’s new telephony system. Read more: Digitalt stöd - Medarbetarwebben External link. (link in Swedish).


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