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Get started with the Canvas SH-StudyWeb

In the autumn of 2022, the university will switch the learning management system (LMS) from Itslearning to Canvas. You are now welcome to log into the Canvas SH-StudyWeb, so you can start familiarising yourself with the new LMS.

As yet, we have not ourselves yet produced material in English for Canvas Sh-StudyWeb. You are welcome to use the study material produced by Uppsala University (they call their LMS “Studium”). External link, opens in new window.

You can access your own course room, called a sandbox, via the homepage for Canvas SH-StudyWeb. Only you can access to your sandbox, so you can test uploading material and creating a structure. If you want to reuse material from your sandbox, you can copy it to a ‘real’ course later on.

Logging in to Canvas SH-StudyWeb

Introduction to Canvas

Watch a recorded introduction to Canvas.

Intro sessions to Canvas in English

If you need an information session about the basic functions in Canvas in English, please contact

Use existing course rooms for inspiration

The Canvas homepage has three course rooms that you can use for inspiration when you build your own. They offer examples of how to create structures, so you can get started more quickly. You can watch the introduction films for these course rooms here: External link, opens in new window.

At the moment these course rooms are only available in Swedish, but you can take a look around and use Google translate to read the content. We will also go through the example course rooms in the English workshops.


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