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Updated information about the new SH-StudyWeb

In the autumn of 2022, SH-StudyWeb will start using a new learning management system (LMS) and move from Itslearning to Canvas. Updated information will be available here.

You are now welcome to log into the Canvas SH-StudyWeb, so you can start familiarising yourself with the new LMS. On the start page you will find the material for independent study and three existing course rooms for inspiration.

You can access your own course room, called a sandbox, via the homepage for Canvas SH-StudyWeb. Only you can access to your sandbox, so you can test uploading material and creating a structure. If you want to reuse material from your sandbox, you can copy it to a ‘real’ course later on.

The university has not yet produced any of its own study material in English. Many higher education institutions in Sweden have used Canvas for years and produced good materials for independent study. Links to good study material are provided below. We recommend that you use these for learning about the new LMS. You can use the material when it suits you, independently or with your colleagues.

You are welcome to use the study material produced by Uppsala University (they call their LMS “Studium”).

If you need an information session about the basic functions in Canvas in English, please contact

The Canvas homepage has three course rooms that you can use for inspiration when you build your own. They offer examples of how to create structures, so you can get started more quickly. You can watch the introduction films for these course rooms here.

At the moment these course rooms are only available in Swedish, but you can take a look around and use Google translate to read the content. We will also go through the example course rooms in the English workshops.

We recommend that English-speaking teachers attend the workshops in English.

Support staff at your academic school

There will be support staff at each academic school. They will learn about the new LMS and the study material before other members of staff, and function as an ambassador for the study materials, ensure that subjects get started on working together and be able forward issues to support. Support staff are not responsible for training or technical support. The project will offer support staff special training during the spring. Introductory sessions start in January 2022; support staff have received separate information about this.





Mattias Jacobsson
Pernilla Josefsson

Peter Platesjö
Auria Acosta Tomas


Kristy Beers Fägersten (English)
Carina Guyard (Media and Communication Studies)
Jonas Andersson Schwarz (Media and Communication Studies)
Helena Hill (Gender Studies)
Katarina Mattsson (Gender Studies)
Wilhelm Hansson (Rhetoric)
Väinö Syrjälä (Swedish)
Anna Rådström (Art History)
Åsa Arketeg (Aesthetics)
Ann-Sofie Lönngren (Comparative Literature)
Hans Ruin (Philosophy)
Ulrika Björk (Philosophy)
Martin Gunnarson (Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge)
Carl Cederberg (Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge)
Frej Persson (Study Support Unit)

Emil Sunnerfjell
Ingrid Gallagher
Eva Albinsson


Lars Ishäll (Psychology)
Love Bohman (Sociology)
Anders Ivarsson Westerberg (Public Administration)
Carolina Saf (Law)
Sandra Karlsson (Social Work)
Emil Annetorp (Journalism)
Leo Fodérus (Economics)

Angelica Jansson
Amanda Magnusson Arntsen
Martina Lindberg


Martin Ankarberg
Marina Schram
Mikael Solén
Peter Klintevik
Daniel Sandqvist

Gaia Slawomirska
Diana Ciobanu
Anna Lundin
Anna Puzakova


Hannah Cotrozo Björkman
Caroline Netzell
Molea Jung
Erik Blohmé
Emma Sallander
Caroline Grauers
Ann-Christine Olofsson
Divya Gandhi
Robert Rydén
Martina Tallstrand
Hannah Persson


Therese Lind

Regina Skarp

Lisza Ray



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