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Finally – cloud-based Office templates!

Our new Office templates can now be downloaded by all employees. Some things have changed, but lots remains the same. If you want reassurance without all the details, just watch our film.

Much is the same

You will probably recognise lots from the “old templates”, so won’t feel too lost. The above film shows you the most important new features, so take the chance to watch Anna, the “worried employee”, as she meets Sofie, “the reassuring colleague”. There are opportunities to learn more – these are listed further down (courses in Swedish).

The template button has moved to the right corner

The first noticeable change is that the template button has moved from the left corner to the right corner. All 16 templates are available when you click on the template button – everything from decision templates to letters and PowerPoints. The PowerPoint templates are now available in two versions: the previous one with a white background and a new one with a black background. Apart from providing some variety if you like doing presentations, a dark background can help accentuate your pictures. The PowerPoint templates also have new example slides, which you can keep or replace.


Cloud-based templates – for PC and Mac

Now the Office templates are cloud-based, they can be accessed wherever you are – which is great now that so many of us are working remotely. If you are a Mac user there is even more reason to be cheerful, because you weren’t previously able to access the templates. Now it doesn’t matter which operating system you use.

Clearer content and help texts

The content is more coherent and has clearer help texts. These texts are briefer and easier to grasp, so you can create your document more quickly.

A foundation for good accessibility

You may have heard that that we need to make sure that PDFs we put on the website are accessible? Our new templates provide the right foundation for this, particularly with text-based content. However, you will need to create alternative texts for figures, pictures and tables – there will be guides for doing this.

Are there any drawbacks?

Not really, but because we are a public agency and our PDFs must be accessible, we have had to place the header and footer in the document. This means that you could accidentally move them, but they can just be moved back. You will also need to manually add your name, title and unit. Previously, these were retrieved automatically. This change is because they are now cloud-based, but hopefully the benefits of being able to access the templates from anywhere outweigh any disadvantages.

How can I access the new templates?

Our previous news articles on the employee web have instructions for how to access the Office package and the new templates:

For PC users

For Mac users

Participants in the “New Office Templates” project

The project has involved many people and is a cooperation between Communication and PR, Campus and IT Services, University Support Services and Student Support Services, along with Rhengruppen.


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