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Install the new Office package to access our Office templates on a Mac

The new Office templates are now also available to Mac users. These Office templates are the templates that you use for decisions, letters and PowerPoints, etc.

How do I access the new Office package?

To access the new Office templates, you need a new and updated Office package. This will be installed as follows:

Human Resources – 19 April

CBEES – 19 April

Teacher Education – 19 April

University Support Services – 19 April

Communication and PR – 19 April

Finance and Auditing – 26 April

Library – 26 April

Student Support Services – 26 April

School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – 26 April

School of Historical and Contemporary Studies – 26 April

School of Police Studies – 26 April

School of Social Sciences – 3 May

School of Culture and Education – 10 May

Executive Management – 19 April

How do I install the Office package on a Mac?

  1. Before you start installing the Office package you must close all Office programs on the computer (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), as the installation cannot be completed if any Office software is running in the background.
  2. Go to Launchpad and search for “Self Service”.
  3. Click on the app that appears.
  4. Select “Personal Standard” to the left of the menu.
  5. When the menu with all the available applications is shown, click on “MS Office 16.45 Personal”.
  6. Then click on “Install” and the installation starts.

How long will the installation take?

Completing the installation takes around 1–2 hours (this time is based on you having broadband), so doing it at the end of the day is a good idea.
NB! If your operating system is old, your system will be automatically upgraded. This upgrade occurs when you start the installation of the Office package.

I have a slow internet connection or unreliable modem – how does this affect the installation?

We do not recommend starting the installation if you have an unreliable internet connection. Please contact Infocenter to find out whether the upgrade needs to be done at the university. If you cannot access a faster connection or get to the university, please contact Infocenter.

When can I access the new templates?

After you have succeeded in uninstalling the old software and installed the new Office package, you access the new templates when Campus and IT Services authorise you. You do not need to do anything yourself. Authorisations are allocated according to the below schedule:

Human Resources – 7 May

CBEES – 7 May

Teacher Education – 7 May

University Support Services – 7 May

Communication and PR – 7 May

Finance and Auditing – 14 May

Library – 14 May

Student Support Services – 14 May

School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – 25 June

School of Historical and Contemporary Studies – 25 June

School of Police Studies – 25 June

School of Social Sciences – 25 June

School of Culture and Education – 25 June

Executive Management – 14 May

What support is available if I have problems?

Please email Infocenter if you have problems during the installation.

Are the old and new templates very different?

The templates will be cloud-based and fairly similar to the old templates, but there are some changes. More information about this will be published in a longer news article on the employee web. You will also be offered training that will cover new elements in greater detail.


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