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Coronavirus – university activities and the coronavirus situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected university activities since March 2020. This article will be updated when new decisions are made. In consultation with the coronavirus management group, the vice-chancellor has decided the following:

A compilation of items from the university’s corona management group’s emails due to the coronavirus is available via this link: Mejl på engelska angående corona (in English).

Recommendations and decisions that apply to university activities

During the pandemic, public authorities have issued recommendations and advice that have resulted in decisions from the vice-chancellor concerning restrictions and measures that have affected university activities. The Government decision on the potential return to on-campus teaching from this spring and the easing of restrictions communicated by the authorities in June–July, has allowed us to adapt or withdraw previously decided restrictions and measures.

The items below are those that currently (August 2021) affect university activities. If the Government or expert authorities issue new recommendations or notices, the coronavirus management group will assess their impact on the university.

  1. All university activities, as well as staff, students and visitors to the university, must continue to follow the guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden External link. on personal responsibility for reducing the spread of COVID-19.
  2. From 23 August 2021, lnfocenter returns to normal opening hours and physical, drop-in visits are permitted.
  3. The library can plan for extended opening hours and adapting its activities to the transition to increased face to face teaching in the autumn semester.
  4. Staff who do not have to work on-site at the university should work from home whenever possible, in accordance with the recommendations of public authorities.
  5. Work-related travel within Sweden must be conducted in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and the restrictions and recommendations in place at the destination.

If you are worried or otherwise negatively affected by the pandemic, you can contact the occupational healthcare provide, Avonova. They offer physical and digital appointments.

If you have teaching, you are expected to inform your students of what applies to their specific situation via SH-StudyWeb. General news regarding studies at the university will be published at sh.se/student and https://www.sh.se/english/sodertorn-university/student.

Read about the general recommendations on the Public Health Agency's website External link.. the university's coronavirus management group meets regularly to decide on the measures necessary at the university, based on the recommendations for reducing the spread of infection issued by the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The content of the previous first page articles have been placed in a document (Swedish and English).

To staff and doctoral students

The coronavirus pandemic continues, and the university must consider what this this entails. You will therefore continue to receive this type of information email from the corona management group via your manager. All previous information emails are compiled in a document on the employee web, available via the I fokus news article “Högskolans verksamhet och coronasituationen – University activities and the coronavirus situation”, in the blue column to the right. The information is in both Swedish and English.

This is an exceptional situation and the work you are doing is both important and meaningful – thank you! We will keep on keeping on.

Best wishes,

The university’s corona management group

Planning for teaching activities in the autumn semester of 2021

Due to the pandemic, planning teaching activities remains a complex issue. It is reasonable to assume that the majority of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the summer, although there are indications that physical distancing may remain necessary in the autumn of 2021. However, the general assessment is that it is simpler to move from on-campus teaching to remote learning than vice versa. The university must therefore plan for on-campus teaching, but also retain online elements where these are desirable and justifiable. At the same time, we must be prepared to rapidly return to remote learning if the authorities require this.

Planning basis for teaching in the autumn semester of 2021

  • The university is planning for education being conducted on campus.
  • Teaching may, due to the pandemic, continue to be conducted online.

If the Swedish Government or expert agencies change their recommendations, the vice-chancellor may make a new decision.

Please contact the central records officer (registrator@sh.se) if you would like to access other documents related to the university’s coronavirus information.


Published: 2021-05-12
Unit: Communication and Public Relations