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Coronavirus – university activities and the coronavirus situation

Since March 2020, university activities have been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This article is updated as new restrictions and recommendations are issued. The latest update was on 10 February 2022.

A compilation of items from the university’s coronavirus management group’s emails is available via this link: Mejl på engelska angående corona (in English).

If the Government or expert authorities issue new recommendations or information, the coronavirus management group will assess if/how this affects the university’s activities.

Decisions and planning for university activities in the spring of 2022

On 9 February, most of the Public Health Agency of Sweden's general guidelines and recommendations related to the coronavirus pandemic were removed, as were those aimed at adult education providers (link in Swedish).

  1. In periods 1 and 2, the university must conduct an increasing amount of teaching on campus.
  2. The limit on the number of places in classrooms/lecture rooms is removed.
  3. Teaching may continue to be conducted remotely during periods 1 and 2 if this is deemed desirable, e.g. out of consideration for staff and students’ previous planning. If so, the university’s routine for course deviations must be followed.
  4. Written examinations are to be conducted. Infection control measures will remain, but will be phased out.
  5. In periods 3 and 4, the university will conduct teaching based on normal planning procedures, i.e. in accordance with how the course or programme is advertised.
  6. In accordance with the above items, the head of school, or the person to whom the head of school has delegated decision-making, makes decisions for their students. Decisions must be made after coordination with the heads of the other schools and the academic leader for Teacher Education. Subsequently, the academic schools and Teacher Education are responsible for communicating decisions and what they entail to their staff and students. General information about how the current situation and decisions influence education at the academic schools and on Teacher Education must be published in the relevant course room on SH-StudyWeb. Information to students about their course/programme should include what applies now and looking ahead as regards being on campus or remotely for lectures, seminars and exams. Clarify for students where, when and how any changes will be communicated to them.
  7. Staff will gradually return to working on campus in February and March (periods 1 and 2). Each manager decides the best way to implement this.
  8. The university will continue to follow the preventive recommendations of the Public Health Authority; these apply to cleaning, ventilation och hygiene. This includes extra cleaning and the availability of hand disinfectant.
  9. The most important action we can take to reduce the spread of infection is to get vaccinated. Vaccination also reduces the risk of severe illness for the individual. Employees may get vaccinated during working hours. Information about vaccination is available here (in Swedish) External link..
  10. If you are ill or have symptoms: stay at home.
  11. If you are not vaccinated, specific recommendations apply, see the Public Health Agency's website (link in Swedish) External link..
  12. If you are experiencing anxiety, counselling is available from the occupational health provider, Avonova External link. (link in Swedish).
  13. Work-related travel can continue, taking account of the recommendations issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency and the restrictions and recommendations that apply at the destination.

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