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Corona – University activities and the coronavirus situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected university activities since March 2020. This article will be updated when new decisions are made. In consultation with the coronavirus management group, the vice-chancellor has decided the following:

Recommendations and decisions that apply to university activities

Please note that the items below apply to the spring semester of 2021. On 16 March, the vice-chancellor decided that the university will plan for on-campus teaching in the autumn semester of 2021, but will retain online elements where this is desirable and educationally motivated. However, we must also be prepared to rapidly return to remote learning in the autumn if the authorities require this. Updated recommendations will be issued as the autumn semester approaches.

New decision on 6 April 2021 for temporary guidelines for domestic and foreign work-related travel, see item 7 below.

  1. Teaching must be conducted remotely. Exceptions are made for practical componentson programmes that are important to ensuring access to skills for societally essential services.
  2. If other teaching must be conducted on campus, it must be done in small groups of students. At each time, the benchmark must be the standard number for public gatherings (the vice-chancellor may decide on exceptions). A distance of at least 1.5 metres must always be maintained in all teaching premises at the university.
  3. No written examinations are to be organised.
  4. All staff who do not have to work on-site at the university must work from home. For employees who must work at the university and who use public transport to travel to and from the university, the manager must, in dialogue with the employee, adapt working hours times at the university to avoid rush hour traffic wherever possible.
  5. When work must be done at the university, every manager must plan attendance at their unit so that it always follows the applicable standard numbers for public gatherings.
  6. Employees who must work on-site at the university must ensure that they maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres.
    - Stay at home if you have any cold symptoms. You must stay at home, fever-free and well, for at least two days.
    - If you start experiencing symptoms when you are working on site – go home immediately.
    - Keep your distance. Remind each other when someone forgets to do so.
    - Wash your hands frequently.
    - If you have had confirmed Covid-19, stay at home, fever-free and well, for at least two days.
    - If someone in your household gets Covid-19, you must work at home if you can during the incubation period, 14 days.
    - If you have met/socialised with someone who has Covid-19, you must work at home if you can during the incubation period, 14 days.
  7. Work-related travel within Sweden must be conducted in accordance with the applicable rules and recommendations.Work-related travel outside Sweden must only be granted and conducted in very exceptional circumstances. There must be no work-related travel to countries for which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued a travel advisory External link, opens in new window.. Employees who are planning to travel abroad must follow the recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the university to which the visit is planned, and the airline’s information. All work-related travel must be booked on refundable or flexible tickets. Travel must be booked via the university’s procured travel agency.
  8. Physical meetings or conferences must be postponed or cancelled.
  9. Events such as Christmas buffets should not be planned or held.
  10. The library remains closed to the general public. Opening hours for staff and studentsare 10:00 to 15.00. Loans and returns are possible for staff and students, andit is also possible to conduct independent study at the library. Physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres must always be maintained. Group work and meetingsare not permitted.
  11. The entrance doors to university premises will once again be locked. Employees can access the building using their keycard and code.
  12. Infocenter is closing for drop-in physical visits until further notice. Essential visits can be booked by calling 08 608 4000.
  13. The training facilities and changing rooms in the Moa Building, MD wing, are open, but with some restrictions in place.

If you are worried or otherwise negatively affected by the pandemic, you can contact the occupational healthcare provide, Avonova. They offer physical and digital appointments.

If you have teaching, you are expected to inform your students of what applies to their specific situation via SH-StudyWeb. General news regarding studies at the university will be published at and

The Swedish Government's stricter national restrictions applies until 31 May 2021, but may be extended and the recommendations above applies until further notice. Read about the general recommendations on the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency website External link, opens in new window. (link in Swedish).

The content of the previous first page articles have been placed in a document (Swedish and English).

To staff and doctoral students

The coronavirus pandemic continues, and the university must consider what this this entails. You will therefore continue to receive this type of information email from the corona management group via your manager. All previous information emails are compiled in a document on the employee web, available via the I fokus news article “Högskolans verksamhet och coronasituationen – University activities and the coronavirus situation”, in the blue column to the right. The information is in both Swedish and English.

This is an exceptional situation and the work you are doing is both important and meaningful – thank you! We will keep on keeping on.

Best wishes,

The university’s corona management group

Planning for teaching activities in the autumn semester of 2021

Due to the pandemic, planning teaching activities remains a complex issue. It is reasonable to assume that the majority of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the summer, although there are indications that physical distancing may remain necessary in the autumn of 2021. However, the general assessment is that it is simpler to move from on-campus teaching to remote learning than vice versa. The university must therefore plan for on-campus teaching, but also retain online elements where these are desirable and justifiable. At the same time, we must be prepared to rapidly return to remote learning if the authorities require this.

Planning basis for teaching in the autumn semester of 2021

  • The university is planning for education being conducted on campus.
  • Teaching may, due to the pandemic, continue to be conducted online.

If the Swedish Government or expert agencies change their recommendations, the vice-chancellor may make a new decision.

Please contact the central records officer ( if you would like to access other documents related to the university’s coronavirus information.


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